Fix Audio Distortion on Internal Mic on Linux

I am writing this article since I had this issue on pretty much every linux installation. This will only work if you’re using pulseaudio for sound on Linux. The general advice I found was editing every analog-input*.conf file in /usr/share/pulseaudio/alsa-mixer/paths/, however only changing analog-input-internal-mic.conf worked for me, since I only experienced the issue with the internal mic. In the analog-input-internal-mic.conf change: Under [Element Capture] set volume to zero Under [Element Internal Mic Boost] set volume to zero.

Xamarin.Android on Linux

The IDE First things first - Jetbrains. Rider is required, there is no other tool available for writing Xamarin code on Linux. Grab it here Make sure to install Xamarin.Android support plugin. The installation guide will also have that option available. C# on Linux Next is mono - the layer which allows provides necessary tools to build C# code on Linux and Mac. Now the tricky stuff, installing Xamarin.